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For you to receive a degree as "Doctor of Philosophy in Heresy and Infidelity" just answer the 10 questions below. If your answers are all "NO", send an e-mail* with your name to



Ph.D in Heresy and Infidelity - specimen


You then will receive** a certificate in print-resolution (300dpi/RGB) as well as a smaller one for online presentation (both as jpg-files).


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* just your name and, if you like, a SHORT comment or question (max. 200 characters). Mails with longer texts, argumentative texts, mails with attachments, and hate mails will not be handled but deleted.

** via e-mail within 1 to 14 days depending on the amout of incoming requests


  1. Do you live your life under the assumption that there is/are a god/gods?
  2. Do you believe amongst others in ghosts, afterlife, reincarnation, angels, demons, original sin, unicorns?
  3. Do you believe the universe has been created and that especially for us humans?
  4. Do you use a "holy" scripture (Bible, Quran, Book of Mormons, etc.) as a guide in your life?
  5. Do you believe morality can (only) derive from religion?
  6. Do you believe religious "truths" are more credible than scientific discoveries?
  7. Are you superstitious?
  8. Is "Occam's Razor" an unknown principle to you?
  9. Are you fascinated by metaphysical New Age beliefs / esotericism (does not include meditation)?
10. Do you reject biological evolution?